Common complaints

from travellers to Japan

There’s a lack of good public Internet access

In Japan, Wi-Fi networks that are free for everyone to use are still few and far between, and the majority of these require users to register in advance, or else suffer from weak signals.

It’s hard to find your way around

What’s more, inner city transportation networks are often sprawling and difficult to navigate, while rural trains and buses rarely offer foreign language signage or assistance.

The language barrier is a big problem

The further you venture out into Japan’s beautifully scenic countryside, the fewer locals are able to speak any English, making it risky to stray from the big cities.

It’s no wonder that many first-time tourists to Japan report having a range of difficulties during their stay!

Seeing this, we decided to create a handy support service
to help travellers get the very best out of their Japanese experience.

Solving the numerous problems

experienced by travellers to Japan

At OMOTENASHI PHONE, we make it possible for you to keep using the technology you love even when far from home.
Our services allow you to stay connected to friends, and post comments and photos of those special holiday moments instantly to social media wherever you are in Japan.
Let your loved ones share every adventure and discovery during your thrilling Japanese vacation!


A reliable Internet connection

Our devices utilize Japan’s major communication networks, ensuring that you have fast and secure Internet access wherever you are. No more weak signals or lengthy registration for unreliable public Wi-Fi!


Specialized travel apps offering a range of English-language support

A number of apps containing useful travel information in English are pre-downloaded onto your phone – all you have to do is open them up! Data accessible in these apps include: maps, bus and rail connections, translation apps, lists of recommended restaurants, tour experience guides, and medical advice etc.


Your personal concierge

If you have any questions about booking activities or dealing with travel complications, you can easily contact our dedicated call center from your smartphone.


With a fast processing speed and beautiful colors, the ZTE BLADE is the first superb product.

The 1GB RAM and 1.0GHz quad core installed in the ZTE BLADE make it a dream to operate. Boasting the newest Android 5.1 operating system, the ZTE BLADE can store an impressive 8GB. The phone comes complete with a built-in 5.0 inch HD IPS display and 8.0 megapixel camera, not to mention a removable battery.

With the ZTE BLADE in hand, traveling around Japan has never been more stylish or convenient.

Usage instructions


Select your desired duration of usage


Enter your accommodation address


Enter your payment information and apply to receive a phone


Pick up the phone at your accommodation and start usage


Return the phone to Mailbox or LAWSON (local convenience store ) at the end of your stay


  • 1 Day Plan
    • ¥ 3,000 1 Day
  • 3 Days Plan
    • ¥ 5,800 3 Days
  • 5 Days Plan
    • ¥ 8,500 5 Days
  • 7 Days Plan
    • ¥ 11,000 7 Days
  • 10 Days Plan
    • ¥ 14,000 10 Days
  • 2 Weeks Plan
    • ¥ 18,000 14 Days

* ¥1,500 for additional day


Where do I pick up the rental phone ?

We will send it to your hotel so that you can pick it up on the first day of your arrival in Japan*.

*Note: Some hotels may not be able to receive your phone. In this case, you will need to notify us of the address to which you wish us to send your phone (either a different hotel or one of our designated pick-up points).

Can I pay via a method other than credit card ?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but payments can only be made by credit card.

When is the deadline for applying for this rental service ?

At least 5 days before your arrival in Japan.

I would like to rent a phone for a duration which is not listed on the pricing table. How much will this cost ?

Please add 1,500 yen to the listed pricing plan for each additional day.

E.g. 6 days: ¥8,500 (5 days) + ¥1,500 (1 additional day) = ¥10,000

How do I return the phone ?

You will receive a return envelope together with the phone. When you wish to return the phone, simply place it in the envelope and post it at your nearest post box.

Rental Application Form

Terms and Conditions

  • Please use the rental mobile service as your support tool when travelling. (*Please do not use for adult site access, making friend site or online shopping.)
  • Other else than the contractor and the companion is not allowed to use this rental device without permission.
  • Do not use it in purpose related to any kind of crime. In this case above, we do not take any responsibility that may occur.
  • Do not use this service if you are belong to antisocial organization.
  • Do not postpone this usage period without permission.
  • For the further usage of next customer, please use the device with carefulness.
  • During rental, please don’t download any application other than the ones set up already inside.
  • When returning the device, please log out completely all the application.
  • After the contract end, the responsibility of any damage such as data disappearance or any leaks caused by contractor will not be taken by us.
  • Please do not take any action that be against to the Telecommunications Business Law and Law against Mobile Abuse or some
  • Please do not make any change, replacement, reorganization, disassembly, damage to the rental device.
  • In case of lost or theft occurred, please make sure to get the government organization approval or the local police approval of the situation then submit the paper for us. When submit information to government organization, please submit the legal information.
  • During the period of rental, the cancellation is not allowed.
  • Penalty fee for rental phone loss or damaged. In the event that you lose your rental phone, we will charge a 10,000 yen penalty fee.

Fee for cancellation

  • Rental starting date: the whole fee
  • 2days before the starting date: 80% of fee
  • 3days before the starting date: 50% of fee

Please fill the blanks and place your order now.

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